About Our Studio

Prismic Studios is a full service multimedia production company and community creativity education facility in Oklahoma City.

We produce music, films, and video games.

We teach children and adults of all ages music, coding, game design, computer graphics, and art. Call us today or visit our Lessons page to schedule a free trial lesson!

Music Production @ Prismic Studios

Prismic Studios is the personal and private recording studio of legendary producer and multi-instrumentalist Dano Kablamo.

If you’ve written a new song or even just the lyrics,  Dano can help your music SHINE.

Live drums, a grand piano, a real Hammond organ, good microphones, and a great producer are all you need to make your dreams into reality, and Prismic Studios has it all!

Call us to schedule a free consultation with our producer today.

The studio’s rate + Dano’s services are only $150/hour for full service production, studio musicians included.

Producer Line: 405-300-4552


Prismic Studios offers lessons in South Oklahoma City in Music, Game Design, Coding, and Art.

We teach Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Drums, and more in Okc.

Our Game Development program is perfect for your smart teen with too much free time!

Please click the link below and fill out all necessary information to book your free trial lesson.


We are located at 10101 S Pennsylvania Ave, Suite H, Oklahoma City, OK.piano lessons okc, guitar lessons okc, drum lessons okc

We are conveniently located in the South portion of the Shadowlake office park near South West 104th and Pennsylvania Ave in South Oklahoma City. Our studio overlooks the lake. Walk around the South side of the building and there will be our door!
We are near Moore, Norman, Edmond, Midwest City, and Newcastle.

piano lessons okc, guitar lessons okc, drum lessons okc, piano lessons okc, guitar lessons okc, drum lessons okc, piano lessons okc, 

Piano Lessons Okc.

Video Games

Prismic Studios has published four video games, and is on the bleeding edge of technology with it’s recent expansion into VR development.

Gnomelings: Migration

A Cute VR Puzzler!

 This cute VR homage to the classic crowd control sim is now on Steam and Oculus Home!

Get it now on STEAM and OCULUS HOME!

Gnomes vs. Fairies: Greckel’s Quest

A 3D Platformer RPG Adventure!

 Dano Kablamo’s 30-hour platformer odyssey is finally out on Steam and Oculus Home!


Jam Session VR

Create Your Own Music in VR!

 This awesome musical jam is now available on Oculus Home!